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Rayne Longboards Presents Kyle Wester Teutonia Raw


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I think it’s fair to say that every individual gets something different out of skateboarding, but there are also factors that unite us as a group and as a community. Standing sideways and going fast is one thing we can all share. The Teutonia race in Brazil has been called the fastest race in the world; with not much in the way of corners, it’s easy to see why this is such a fast track. Rayne team rider Kyle Wester really likes to go fast. In this raw run from last year’s Teutonia race, Kyle hits a top speed of 74mph (119 kmh) – my first car couldn’t go that fast. Most people can’t wrap their heads around what it means to hit these kinds of speeds on a skateboard, others like Kyle can’t imagine not. Watch Kyle Wester go fast, and get inspired to get out and hit your favorite spots this weekend. VISIT RAYNE ONLINE: LIKE RAYNE ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW RAYNE ON TWITTER:

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