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Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: The Baffle 37 with Sean


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The Baffle was home grown by simply asking our riders, "what do you want in a brick?" As riders ourselves, it's important to to understand how to push our equipment further. Sit down for a Longboard BoardGuide Review with Original Team Manager, Sean Kolvenbach, for a look at the Baffle 37: a wider, longer longboard whose symmetrical shape initiates slides like a drop deck or drop through, but has the control of a topmount making it more comfortable without fear of wheel bite. Developed as a tech freeride and downhill option, the Baffle is constructed from 9 ply Northeastern Maple with a continuous, deeper 0.8 inch concave at the flares. From freeride to downhill, beginner to advanced, The Baffle will continue to blow your mind. The gateway is open.

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