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[HD] Buzzed V2 Precision Trucks Review for DBS & LongboardTalk


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We do not own the rights to the music in this video.This is a review of the Buzzed V2 Precision 186mm Trucks by Waldo Broodryk Ambassador/Product Tester for Daddies Board Shop & Product Reviewer for LongboardTalk Filmed by James Hunt of Select Few ProductionsMusic by Alvin Risk "Infinite EP" [Psychotic (Teknim Remix)]For anymore questions about the trucks please leave comments or contact Waldo Broodryk on Facebook or here. A little more information about my experience with the trucks:I have my trucks set to 45 degrees because they have a ton of lean and you don't need to keep them at 49 degrees really unless you have a crazy drop down and are trying to achieve some kind of 0 degree angle. You also NEED some Hard Risers to avoid wheel bit, I'm rocking Half Inch HARD Khiro Riser Pads (hard pads because the soft ones cause you to loose some precision apparently) And I've run the trucks on a top mount and drop down with wheels up to 74mm and had no issues with wheel bite. They're amazing. BUY SOME!I've been riding them for almost a month now and have found that they make freeriding much more predictable and because of the lean that the Buzzed V2's provide, all four wheels stay on the ground as you slide with ease and therefore the wheels wear in a much more even pattern. The RipTide Fatcone APS Bushings are available at Daddies Board Shop in several durometers but RipTide bushings tend to run a little softer than Venom bushings and Buzzed V2 Trucks bushing seat are created to fit RipTide bushings perfectly and snuggly. I have the fat side of the Fat Cone bushings facing the road and the baseplate and the narrow end fits perfectly in the bushing seat.The Delrin CNC Machined Pivot cups are incredible and will last a lifetime when it comes to durability so long as you lube them once a month or so (with dish soap preferably) also make sure that when running the hangars at 49 degrees that you have a normal washer AND an Amish washer on the baseplate and inserted into the bushing that is board side and of course an Amish Washer inserted into the bushing that is road side. Amish Washers should be available at Daddies Board Shop very soon and they come in Cupped, and Flat editions as well as two different sizes to fit all RipTide Bushings.

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