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Clip: Eat Your Fruits


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An extensive day of skating showed us that eating our fruit is what is most nutritious for our brains. Over all, it was an action packed day full of super fun skating and super awesome people. As far as that fall goes: There was a dump truck with a trailer that was cutting the right hand corner that we needed to take so Sid thought: Heck, why don't I just pull a little pendie and go around the corner slow. Well his wheels didn't exactly slow him down enough to avoid the parked car 50ft away so he ditched his board and Go Pole and hit the cars wheel. He thought he was going to be scrapped up pretty bad but he walked away from it uninjured. He just has a wee bit of whiplash from bouncing off the tire. Sponsores: Everyone: Riptide Bushings Nathaniel: Loaded/O'tang Sid: Arbor SB Setups: Isaiah: Comet Grease Shark with 50º 10" Calibers and Abec11 Flashbacks 84a Justin: Arbor Vugenhausen with 50º 10" Calibers and Powell Bomber Protos Nathaniel (Sponsored by O'tang/Loaded): Sector9 Lacey with 50º 10" Calibers and O'tang Stimulus 86a Sid: Arbor Hybrid GT with 50º Randal 180's and Abec11 BigZigs 83a (For DH) Comet Voodoo D2 with 50º 180mm Randals and 3 Sector9 Round Lipped Raceforms 82a and one O'tang Stimulus 86a. (He lost his 4th Raceform) All of us sporting RipTide Bushings Filmed by: Isaiah Brothers, Nathaniel Hodson, Justin Hayes, and Sid Beck Edited by: Sid Beck Facebook Page: Long Neck Giraffe Productions LNGP

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