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Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S. Longboarding) is a video archive of over 20000 Classic Longboarding videos from all over the world. We have the largest collection of videos from the early days up to 2014.

Artist Collaborations Contest.


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**WIN A FREE POLAR** Artist Collaborations Contest. Tell us how longboarding and art are inseparable!! It's in the way we move on our boards, flow down a hill, or soulfully move from point a to point b. It's in the way we shoot our videos and share our riding with others. It's on our boards, from the homemade graphics to the custom grip tape. Whether we realize it or not art is very much a part of longboarding. Sayshun appreciates that art and wants you to do the same. We want to know how you think longboarding and art are inseparable. Tell us how you ride or how you've made your own graphic in the comments section below. The response we like the best will win you a brand new Polar with an Artist Collaboration's graphic done by Russ Mills, the artist featured in this video. So add your comments! The contest closes once this video has received 200+ comments. You can leave more than one comment but put thought into your post as we are looking for the one that really inspires us!! Please help us out and thumb up your favourite comments. Video Info Narration: Allan Watts Song: Svefn-g-englar by Singur Ros. Art Featured: Russ Mills aka Byroglyphics All Longboarding Footage taken from some of our favourite videos: 0:22 Fotosegundos - Longboard animation 0:48 SKATE - LONGBOARD Slide Session - Montestella - Milan 1:06 A Longboarding Experience 1:16 Longboarding: Slide These videos and filmmakers challenge the norm for longboarding videos and truly are art. You should subscribe to their works! Other fun stuff: tweet this video: 
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 Thanks for watching!!

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