What is HITS?

Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S. Longboarding) is a video archive of over 20000 Classic Longboarding videos from all over the world. We have the largest collection of videos from the early days up to 2014.

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Street Heat - What People Are Watching

Raw: El Golf Raw: El Golf649 views
Sector9 Vs Rayne Sector9 Vs Rayne697497 views
Untitled Untitled959 views
Alpenchucks Alpenchucks362 views
Sunny Ride Sunny Ride385 views
Sliders Cruz Sliders Cruz653 views
Skatesgiving Skatesgiving662 views
Monday fun Monday fun829 views
Danilo Percich Danilo Percich1282 views
Moronga Dust Moronga Dust1039 views
Quick Stalk Quick Stalk462 views
Ride With Us Ride With Us576 views
Safety First Safety First556 views
Raw Raw437 views
Goin Ham Goin Ham578 views