What is HITS?

Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S. Longboarding) is a video archive of over 20000 Classic Longboarding videos from all over the world. We have the largest collection of videos from the early days up to 2014.

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Street Heat - What People Are Watching

Sector9 Vs Rayne Sector9 Vs Rayne695718 views
RED by [SKS] RED by [SKS]648 views
Broken bones Broken bones438 views
Raw Doggin' Raw Doggin'1678 views
GN: "BODECK" GN: "BODECK"463 views
Elias Medici Elias Medici334 views
sebs bday sebs bday530 views
Dos Amigos Dos Amigos504 views
Speeddeamon Speeddeamon574 views
Bunny Hill Bunny Hill748 views