What is HITS?

Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S. Longboarding) is a video archive of over 20000 Classic Longboarding videos from all over the world. We have the largest collection of videos from the early days up to 2014.

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Street Heat - What People Are Watching

OGmudbone OGmudbone56306 views
Joseph & Ira Joseph & Ira447 views
Chopper 3D Chopper 3D952 views
Ballin Ballin510 views
Marina Clips Marina Clips377 views
The Mavet The Mavet1052 views
Localz Only Localz Only484 views
Hammer Time Hammer Time2017 views
March Mayhem March Mayhem436 views
GB Sizzler GB Sizzler962 views
fOgSeSh fOgSeSh527 views
D.E.R.P.I.N. D.E.R.P.I.N.605 views
Quick Stalk Quick Stalk508 views
Pu jamais! Pu jamais!1005 views
Grip it. Grip it. 1328 views
Greece Shark Greece Shark662 views
BhangraTown BhangraTown865 views
The Grifter The Grifter1208 views